Nuke Info Tokyo No. 108 (Sep./Oct. 2005)


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New Nuclear Policy-Planning Council
The Atomic Energy Commission has released a draft Nuclear Energy Policy Outline. It is highly likely that the draft will be endorsed as official policy quite quickly. (Click here to read article.)

60th anniversary of the atomic bombing
Nuclear energy is not a controllable technology: from Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the elimination of nuclear energy. (Click here to read article.)

Onagawa reactors trip following Miyagi earthquake
On August 16th all three reactors tripped automatically at Tohoku Electric Power Company’s Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant in response to a magnitude 7.2 earthquake off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture. (Click here to read article.)

Government approves Kyushu Electric’s pluthermal plan
Electric power companies are under pressure to submit applications for permission to use MOX fuel, in order to be able to show some progress in the pluthermal program. (Click here to read article.)

Workers’ radiation exposure at Japan’s nuclear facilities
Data for the 2004 fiscal year (April 2004 – March 2005)

Group Introduction
The Iwate Committee to Protect the Sanriku Sea from Radiation is concerned about the ocean being polluted with radioactive liquid waste from the Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant. (Click here to read article.)

News Watch
Mitsubishi wins order from EDF
Will development of next generation reactors be led by manufacturers?
Tokai Reprocessing Plant to be dismantled in 5 years
Mihama-3 accident: one year on
Modification work begins at Monju

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