Nuke Info Tokyo No. 116 (Jan./Feb. 2007)

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Reorganization of Japanese Nuclear Industry
Future generations will probably conclude that the industry should have contracted gracefully when it had the chance.

Japanese Nuclear Industry Eyes New Nuclear Power Plants in Asia
The Japanese government and nuclear industry have great expectations of participating in the construction of new nuclear power plants in Asia.

Nuclear Plants and Facilities in East Asia and Japan
Maps of facilities as at January 2007

Group Introduction
KO-OK Productions: film-makers who say, “Radiation is not OK”

News Watch
HLW dump developments
Opposition to impact assessment for HLW dump
Another line stops at Rokkasho uranium enrichment plant
ITER related facilities to be built in Rokkasho
Toshiba runs course on nuclear power in Vietnam
FNCA pushes nuclear power in Asia
Pattern of data falsification
Mihama-3 restarts
Japan and US announce nuclear cooperation plan

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