Nuke Info Tokyo 1999

NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 74 (Nov./Dec. 1999)  (520KB)
  • JCO Criticality Accident: How Many Lessons Will It Take?
  • The Effects of Released Neutrons and Radioactive Materials
  • Release All Data on Exposure Doses As Soon As Possible
  • The History of JCO Ltd.
  • Anti-Nuke Groupes Take KEPCO to Court Over MOX Data Falsification
  • Workers’ Exposure at Nuclear Plants(1985-1998)
  • Annual Collective Dose of N-Plant Workers(person-Sv)
  • Developments ar Rokkasho Nuclear Fuel Cycle Facility
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who: Gan Nemoto – “Gan-san” has national currency
  • Many Thanks to the Translators and Proof-Readers
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 73 (Sep./Oct. 1999)  (908KB)
  • BNFL Fabricates MOX Fuel Inspection DATA
  • MOX Fuel Arrives In Japan
  • 80% of the Public Wary of Nuclear Power
  • All MOX License Applied for Ohma Reactor
  • Resumption of Spent Fuel Shipments to Rokkasho Reprocessing
  • Tsuruga Accident Report No.2
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who: GEN [Green Energy “law” Network]
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 72 (July/Aug. 1999)  (488KB)
  • Tsuruga 2 Reactor: A Large Amount of Coolant Water Leak
  • Transport Ships on Thier Way to Japan
  • Data: Significant Incidents at Nuclear Power Plants(1998)
  • Nuclear Power Plants and Related Facilities in Japan
  • The 1999 Workshop: Sustainable and Peaceful Energy Network -Asia in Thailand
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who: Shoji Kihara
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No.71 (May/June 1999)  (256KB)
  • CNIC Makes anti-MOX Appeal at Hague
  • Common Appeal against any Plutonium Extraction and Utilization
  • Operation of Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant Delayed Once Again
  • Review of Long-term Program on Nuclear Energy Begins
  • Electric Utility Industry Law Amended
  • Ainti-Nuke Who’s Who – Ryoichi Hirano
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 70 (Mar./Apr. 1999)  (416KB)
  • CNIC put an opinion add in the “FIJI TIMES”
  • Recent MOX Situation in Japan
  • The Fourth Shipment of HLW
  • A Sustainable and Peaceful Energy Future in Asia
  • Current Situation in Japanese Nuclear Industries
  • TV Documentary on Dr. Takagi’s Life as Nuclear Scientist
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who: Ikuo Kusaka
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 69 (Jan./Feb. 1999)  (400KB)
  • CNIC and Stop MOX Campaign Representatives Visit Fiji
  • International Coalition Condemns Secret Japanese Plan to Ship Plutonium; Organizations Call on Japan to Halt Plutonium Program
  • Doctored Casks to be Used Continuously
  • Plan to Build 20 New Reactors-Unlikely to Succeed
  • Uncertain Future for Japan’s Electric Power Deregulation-Talks Focus Exclusively on Cheaper Rates
  • Takagi School for Alternative Scientists
  • Spent Fuel Stored and Storage Capacity in Japanese Nuclear Power Plant
  • News Watch
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