Nuke Info Tokyo 2000

Nuke Info Tokyo No. 80 (Nov./Dec. 2000)  (452KB)

NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 79 (Sep./Oct. 2000)  (420KB)
  • “No Nukes Asia Forum” 2000 Held in Japan
  • Renewable Energy in Japan: No.2: Wind Energy & Small Hydro Power
  • Data:Workers Exposure at Nuclear Plants(1980-1999)
  • SPENA Workshop 2000: Beyond Nuclear Energy Toward Sustainable Energy Path
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who: Hideyo Kanematsu – a diligent activist fighting geological disposal
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 78 (July / Aug. 2000)  (264KB)
  • Waste Disposal Law Created to Assist Nuclear Development
  • Inquiry into the Responsibility of the Former PNC and STA
  • Discoveries of Radioactive Scrap Metal Highlight dangers of “Clearance Level” Plans
  • Renewable Energy in Japan: No.1 Solar Energy
  • DATA: Significant Incidents at Nuclear Facilities(1999)
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who: Jinzo Isobe – “We are not fighting. We are seeking the truth.”
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 77 (May/June 2000)  (656KB)
  • Court Rules Against Closing Monju Fast Breeder Reactor
  • Dubious MOX Quality Control Not Just BNFL
  • Coolant Loss at Mihama 2
  • Geological Disposal to Gain Legal Approval
  • Criticality Accident Victims’ Group
  • DATA: Nuclear Power Development Program
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who: Yasue Ashihara: tireless leader of hometown campaigns
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 76 (Mar./Apr. 2000)  (560KB)
  • MOX Data Fabrication: Lack of Regulatory Ability Exposed
  • Plans For Nuclear Power Plant at Ashihama Dropped
  • Problems Caused by the Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants
  • JCO Criticality Accident: STA Lowers Evaluation Levels of Exposure Dose
  • Updates on Nuclear Facilities at Rokkasho Village, Aomori
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who: Kazumasa Aizawa – a man to free Tokai of its nuclear burdens
  • News Watch
NUKE INFO TOKYO No. 75 (Jan./Feb. 2000)  (792KB)
  • MOX Program Postponed – Nuclear Industry hit hard by dishonesty
  • 1999 Workshop of Sustainable and Peaceful Energy Network Asia Held in Thailand
  • JCO Criticality Accident – The Victims and the Final Report
  • Conference on “Carriage of Ultra Hazardous Radioactive Cargo By Sea: Implications and Responses”
  • Data on Spent Fuel and Radioactive Waste As of March 1999
  • Anti-Nuke Who’s Who: Sanshiro Kume – an instructor inside and outside school
  • News Watch
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