Nuke Info Tokyo No. 80 (Nov./Dec. 2000)



Few Advances Seen Since JCO Accident
A year has passed since the JCO criticality accident, but little improvement can be seen in the safety regulation of the nuclear industry.

MOX Court Case/Accident Simulation
Exposure doses resulting from an accident at a pluthermal reactor would be twice those produced by an accident at a uranium reactor.

Tribute: Dr Jinzaburo Takagi
In addition to the Right Livelihood Award, Takagi received many other awards. In 1992 he received the Yoko Tada Human Rights Award and in 1996 the Ihatov Award (Kenji Miyazawa Society Ihatov Center, Hanamaki City) for his contribution as a scientist working for the people. In 1997 he received the Peace Award from Nagasaki Prefecture Hibakusha Membership Association. He was also successful as a writer of children’s books and received the Sankei Children’s Book Award in 1993.

Renewable Energy in Japan No. 3
An increased interest in biomass energy could provide the industry with a good opportunity to revitalize itself. As for energy conservation, people have been quite conscious of the need for it, but this is more because of the high electricity bills people are facing rather than from environmental considerations.

DATA: Japanese Separated Plutonium Inventory
The report made public in August 2000 shows that Japan’s plutonium stockpile has increased sharply to 32.9 tons, 5.3 tons of which is domestically stored.

Anti-Nuclear Who’s Who: Michiaki Furukawa
A Man of Knowledge and Action

News Watch
Promoters’ Meeting Held for Establishment of Executing Company for HLW
Proposal Submitted for New Long-Term Nuclear Plan
76% Opposed to the Plan for the Horonobe Underground Research Laboratory
Hokkaido Governor Says ‘Yes’ to the Construction of Tomari 3
Nothing Could Be Done for Exposed Victims
Damages to SG Pipes Due to Stray Metal Chips
Kashiwazaki City Council Calls for Safety Confirmation on MOX Fuel
Additional Construction of Sendai 3 Proposed

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