Radiation Exposure Data for Nuclear Power Plant Workers (Fiscal Year 2013) Nuke Info Tokyo No. 163

On September 24, the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) released their “FY2013 Report on Radiation Management for Nuclear Facilities”1)

This report summarizes the exposure management data for persons engaged in work involving radioactivity from the FY2013 (April 2013 to March 2014) “Situation on Management of Radioactive Wastes in Commercial Nuclear Power Reactor Facilities, R&D Stage Nuclear Power Facilities, Fabrication Facilities, Reprocessing Facilities, Waste Disposal Facilities and Waste Management Facilities, and the Situation on Exposure Management of Persons Engaged in Work Involving Radioactivity.” The exposure distribution of persons engaged in work involving radioactivity in commercial nuclear power reactor facilities is summarized in Table 1.

The FY2013 overview for all nuclear reactor facilities (total number of persons engaged in work involving radioactivity, total exposure and average exposure) is summarized in Table 2 with FY2012 figures in brackets.

On November 4, the Radiation Effects Association’s Central Recording Center for Persons Engaged in Work Involving Radioactivity released their “Statistical Materials for the Exposure Recording Management System of Persons Engaged in Nuclear Power Plant Work.” 2)

1) www.nsr.go.jp/committee/kisei/h26fy/data/0029_05.pdf — In Japanese
2) www.rea.or.jp/chutou/koukai/H25nendo/honbun-h25.htm — In Japanese

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