Group Introduction: NO to nukes at Kaminoseki YES to Seto Inland Sea Nature Conservation Citizen’s Network (Kaminoseki Dousuru Net) (NIT No. 172)

Gp Intro

Kaminoseki Dousuru Net held a public lecture and parade in Tokyo on May 14, attended by about 200 people. Popular anti-nuke character Zero-no-Mikuma also joined the parade.

Kaminoseki Dousuru Net was founded in November 2009. In September of that year, marking 27 years since the Kaminoseki NPP construction plans emerged, the Chugoku Electric Power Company made a big push forward, starting reclamation work in a marine area planned for the construction of the nuclear plant.
This provoked a sense of crisis, with opposition voiced from as far away as Tokyo. Hoping to spread this concern, people who had become acquainted with each other through previous citizens’ movements called each other up, got together and launched activities.
When Kaminoseki Dousuru Net was founded, few in Tokyo knew about the problems with the Kaminoseki NPP construction plans, but those who did, knew about them very well. After the March 2011 earthquake disaster, interest in these issues spread, but even now not very many people know about Kaminoseki so we are working hard to inform many people, with the goal of halting construction.
We have been engaged in the following five activities, which were decided after discussing, adopting and implementing members’ proposals:
(1) Holding events and parades every year, thereby garnering much support from groups and the general public who become aware of and concerned about the Kaminoseki NPP construction plans.
(2) Producing leaflets that make clear at a glance the rich natural environment of the planned construction site and the history of the opposition movement.
(3) Cooperating with signature drives opposing the Kaminoseki NPP construction plans.
(4) Lobbying Diet members and holding meetings at the Diet.
(5) Publishing a newsletter for Diet members
History of the Opposition Movement to the Kaminoseki NPP Construction Plans
(1) Ever since the Kaminoseki NPP construction plans first emerged in 1982, there has been deep-rooted opposition from local citizens, first of all the inhabitants of Iwai Island, located 3.5 kilometers offshore from the planned nuclear plant construction site, that has prevented the plans from going forward.
(2) The Chugoku Electric Power Company started steamrolling ahead with reclamation work in Tanoura and other marine areas in February 2011.
(3) The Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster on March 11, 2011, resulted in the Fukushima nuclear accident. Construction has been discontinued at Tanoura ever since.
Concerns about the Natural Environment and the Nuclear Plant at Kaminoseki
(1) The planned construction site of the Kaminoseki NPP is at the western inlet to the Seto Inland Sea. If construction goes ahead, the natural environment will be affected by the influx of warm water discharged by the plant and flowing into the Seto Inland Sea. This is causing great concerns about the design.
(2) Research conducted by the Citizen’s Association to Protect the Nature of Kaminoseki has shown that not only the planned Tanoura landfill site but the broader marine region is a biodiversity hotspot in the Seto Inland Sea.
(Yasuko Fujimura, Kaminoseki Dousuru Net, Lobbying Team Leader)
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