Nuke Info Tokyo No. 182 (January/February 2018)


A view of the international solidarity resolution for the “Arakabu trial” at the closing meeting of the third Antinuclear World Social Forum


NIT No. 182 pdf

Rokkasho Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Facility: NRA Breaks off Regulatory Standard Conformity Inspection

Hiroshima High Court’s ruling suspends operations at Ikata Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3

Recognition of Exposed Workers in Japan and France: A report on an international survey and participation in the World Social Forum

Tokai II Nuclear Power Plant’s 20 year extension: A story of economic inefficiency and passing the buck

News Watch   Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Units 6, 7 Meet New Regulatory Standards/High Court Decision in NPP Makers’ Case/Cameco Seeks Compensation from TEPCO/
Diplomatic Documents from Chernobyl Disaster Era Released/Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Invests in Framatome/Decision to Decommission Ohi Units 1 and 2 /Japanese Government to Give Financial Backing to Hitachi NPP Export to UK/ Japanese Government Intend to Take Over  URENCO in Partnership with US Company

Group Introduction: Enemira-Tottori (Future of Energy)
~Passing on the feelings of our ancestors to the future

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