Nuke Info Tokyo No. 92 (Nov./Dec. 2002)


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Revelation of Endless N-damage Cover-ups
his series of cover-ups showed the scandal was not merely TEPCO’s particular problem but involved most of the nation’s electric companies

Mechanism of Core Shroud and its Function

Government Agency Proposes “Defect Standards”
With the introduction of the standards, electric companies, for example, will be able to sustain the operation of nuclear power plants even if the core shroud has cracks as long as half its circumference.

Data: TEPCO’s Damage Cover-up and Data Falsification
Fukushima I: damage cover-up record
Fukushima II: damage cover-up record

Anti-Nuke Who’s who: Tetsunari Iida
Democratizing Japan’s energy policy

News Watch
Prefectural Governments of Niigata and Fukushima Completely Retract their Prior Consent to the Plu-Thermal Program
Even with the Unscheduled Suspension of Reactor Operations, There is Still a Plentiful Supply of Power
A New Plan to Separate NISA from Nuclear Promotion Administration
The Fukushima Energy Policy Review Committee Publishes an Interim Report

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