Data: Japan’s Plutonium Use Plan 2010 Fiscal Year

On March 15, 2010 the Federation of Electric Power Companies (FEPCO) announced Japan’s electric power companies’ plutonium utilization plans for the 2010 fiscal year. See CNIC’s translation below.

FEPCO also released data on the plutonium holdings of each electric power company at the end of 2009. See FEPCO’s translation below. (Note that there is some plutonium owned by the Japan Atomic Energy Agency which is not counted in this table. There also appear to be some other discrepancies with theannual data of Japan’s total plutonium inventory.)

In addition to the electric power companies, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) also released a plutonium utilization plan for 2010. See JAEA’s translation below.

The criticisms that CNIC makes each year apply equally to these plans. Click here for an analysis of the meaning (or lack thereof) of the 2009 plutonium utilization plans. See CNIC’s Data page for other links to past plans.

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