Nuke Info Tokyo No. 96 (July/August 2003)


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Myth of TEPCO’s Power Shortage: Tokyo can Survive without nuclear power!
Tokyo can survive without nuclear power!

North American Power Failure
TEPCO’s public relations section, even though we still don’t know why the system that is supposed to prevent chain reaction power failures in North America didn’t work on this occasion, is claiming that ‘the system in Japan is such that this couldn’t occur here’. This is the response they make each time a nuclear accident occurs overseas.

Workers Radiation Exposure from Replacing Reactor Core Shroud and Recirculation System Pipes
This article reports on the levels to which utility workers exposed from the replacement of reactor core shroud and recirculation system pipes based on the data that was made public by the request from Diet members.

An Open Discussion about Reprocessing policy was held
An important result of the symposium is the fact that all panelists in spite of the difference in opinion regarding the reprocessing policy agreed that a speedy start up of the Rokkasho reprocessing plant was not necessary.

Data: Nuclear Workers’ Radiation Exposure and TEPCO Coverup Accident
However, since the beginning of the 1990s a tendency towards an increase in radiation exposure can be seen.

Anti-Nuke Who’s Who: Dr.Saburo Murata
An activists doctor,walking alongside the Hibakusha in their suffering.

News Watch
Draft of Energy Basic Plan Compiled
Radioactivity Detected in Metal Scraps Exported from Japan to Taiwan
The 8th Shipment of High-Level Radioactive Waste from France
Approval Given for Construction of Tomari 3
Mutsu City Officially Invite a Spent Fuel Storage Facility
An Explosion at Fugen – Local Governments Being Put in Confusion

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