Nuke Info Tokyo No. 177 (March/April 2017)

Session 2 overall

Photo by Ryohei Kataoka, CNIC



Fukushima Now

Fukushima Technical Update

PuPo 2017 International Plutonium Conference report

News Watch: FNCA Symposium
Horizon Nuclear Power of the UK Teaming up with Exelon of America
Malfunctioning Crane at Tokai Reprocessing Plant Halts Vitrification
Further Delays in Investigating Fukushima Unit 2 Reactor Interior
TEPCO Notifies Major Canadian Uranium Firm of Contract Cancellation
Toshiba’s NPP Deficit Grows Ever Greater
Hitachi Also Expecting Loss in US Nuclear Energy Business
Kashiwazaki-Kariwa NPP Anti-seismic Building Insufficiently Quake-proof
Proposal for Approval of Japan-India Nuclear Cooperation Agreement Submitted to Diet

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