Nuke Info Tokyo No.161 (July/Aug. 2014)

隔月発行の英文ニュースレター「Nuke Info Tokyo」を発行しました。
脱原発グループ紹介“Group Introduction”では、30年も「高レベル放射性廃棄物」の処分場に反対をしている”核廃棄物施設誘致に反対する道北連絡協議会”を取り上げています。


The July/Aug. edition of CNIC’s English newsletter is now available.

■■■■Nuke Info Tokyo No.161 (July/Aug. 2014) ■■■■ 

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A business analysis of Japan’s NPP export to Turkey  by Yasuro Kawai 

Summary of Discussions in the Government Radioactive Wastes Working Group- Many unresolved problems remain

Current State of Post-Accident Operations at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station – October 2013 to April 2014

Group Intro : Thirty years of protest against the construction of the high-level radioactive waste disposal facilities 

News Watch

— All Towns and Villages of Fukushima Prefecture Call for Decommissioning of All Nuclear Reactors in the Prefecture
— Complete Liberalization of Retail Electricity Sales
— Members of the Nuclear Regulation Authority to Change
— Tohoku Electric Power Applies for Review of Compliance of Higashidori NPP with New Standards
— Nuclear Power Subcommittee Inaugurated
— Movement for Review of Act on Compensation for Nuclear Damages
— Sendai NPP passes the new regulatory requirements