Nuke Info Tokyo No. 170 (Dec/Jan 2016)

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Fukushima Daiichi 5 years on
Current state of post-accident operations at Fukushima
Report on Monju Public Meetings
Update: India-Japan Agreement
Group Intro: Tokai Anti-Nuke Action Study Group by Kazumasa Aizawa
Earthquake-related Deaths Top 2,000 in Fukushima Prefecture
Volume of Contaminated Water Doubles
Whither Monju?
Takahama Units 3 and 4 Headed for Restart
Application for Plan on Measures to Decommission Genkai Unit 1
Hamaoka NPS Tsunami Wall Completed
Prospective Areas for High-level Radioactive Waste Disposal Sites to be Proposed in 2016
331 kg of Plutonium to be Sent to the Savannah River Site

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