Nuke Info Tokyo No. 203 (July/August 2021)

Nuke Info Tokyo is a bi-monthly newsletter that aims to provide English speaking friends with up-to-date information on the Japanese nuclear industry and the movements against it. 

Editor: Caitlin Stronell

Translators: Pat Ormsby, Tony Boys, Nishioka Mayumi, Karoji Sumie

Proofreaders: Tony Boys, Yamaguchi Yukio


Providing Legal Help to the Forgotten Bikini Atoll Nuclear Test Disaster Victims    By Minami Takuto (Kajiwara & Minami Law Firm) Head of Bikini Disaster Litigation Team

Power Generation Cost Working Group Finally Comes up with New Estimate  By Matsukubo Hajime (CNIC)

Benches Made from NPP Radioactive Waste Installed in High Schools: Power Companies Promote Popular Understanding of “Clearance”   By Nishio Baku (CNIC Co-Director)

CNIC Statement: We strongly protest Kansai Electric Power’s restart of Mihama Unit 3

News Watch  Barakah Unit 1 Enters Commercial Operation with Turbine and Generator from Toshiba / Total Operating Costs of Rokkasho Reprocessing Plant to Reach 14 Trillion Yen / High Court Also Recognizes Hibakusha in ‘Black Rain’ Trial

Group Introduction: Sayonara Genkai NPP Kurume City Group  By Tsutsumi  Shizuo, Representative 


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