Nuke Info Tokyo No. 178 (May/June 2017)


Protesting the restart of Takahama NPP (see News Watch for details) Photo by Yasuhiko Matsubara



Collapse of Toshiba

Evacuation Orders Lifted for more areas in Fukushima

CNIC Statements on two recent legal judgements

Group Intro: OhMAGROCK

News Watch Takahama Unit 4 Reactor Restarted/Fukui Buddhist Priest Goes on Hunger Strike/TEPCO Making New Management Reorganization Plans/Toshiba’s Final Deficit 950 Billion Yen/Toshiba Holding 100% of UK NuGen Stock/Hitachi Applies to UK Nuclear Regulator for a License to Build Wylfa Newydd NPP/NRA Approves Plans for Decommissioning 5 Reactors/Federation for Nuclear-Free Renewable Energy Launched/India-Japan Nuclear Cooperation Agreement approval bill passes the Lower House of the Diet/Japan Atomic Energy Agency to build a research hub for decommissioning technology in Tsuruga

Book Review: Yoshida’s Dilemma


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